Friday, October 14, 2011

Teacher Fired for Facebook Activity

Facts: Teacher posts Facebook pic of her drinking alcohol. Parent anonymously complains to administration. Administration asks teacher to resign. Teacher resigns and sues school.

Issue: Was the teacher denied due process?

Conclusion: Due process was not violated because she resigned of her own accord.

Now, due process aside, the real issue here is whether such actions against the teacher were really necessary. Is this just a case of Georgians Overreacting? Or is there something else to this?

Granted, I wouldn't want my kids seeing their teacher like this. That might be slightly undermining for the teach. But the woman was on vacation. And this was the offending picture. Seriously, Georgia? You should be happy that women like that bother putting up with your kids. The least of your problems is a teacher double-fisting some booze on vacation.

Some people say women don't belong in the profession. Suck it.

A testament to the fact that women are better than men: The Most Kick-Ass Female Lawyer EverNo, really.

Accomplishing child birth and the Bar in the same day? I think we just found Superwoman. Granted, it was the Illinois Bar which is nowhere near as painful as CA or NY. But we can let that slide for once...